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Saw The Wolverine on Saturday!

It was much better than i thought it would be. I went in with low expectations but I was surprised. I really liked the female characters (well...Mariko was sometimes really annoying), even the viper bitch haha. And Yukio was the best part of the movie, hands down. Badass in boots :D


Omg that movie was amazing, I love it so much! It's not perfect but that doesn't mean it's good. Ashida Mana was adorable and Rinko was flawless. I really hope more people watch it instead of Grown Ups 2. I still can't believe people would rather watch that horrible movie instead of a badass robot and monster movie. *sigh*

Doctor Who

..is the only show that can make my heart break into a million pieces. I swear, no matter how many times I watch Doomsday, I just burst into tears. I love Rose and the Doctor so much ;_;


So...ONE OK ROCK is freaking awesome. I've only been their fan for about 3 months but I feel like I've been a fan for years. They're so talented and precious <3

Being sick sucks

I've had a cough and a sore throat since Tuesday and I'm still not feeling better. My sore threat went away but now I have a cold aklj;fsd. Stuffy noses are the worst. I'd rather have the sore throat backk. Oh and I have cramps too cause I'm on my period. Anndd my back hurts so freaking much. I wish I could stay home tomorrow but at the same time I don't want to. I just hate missing school and having to catch up on the work plus I need to hand something in and tomorrow's the last day and I need to present a project and and there's a test and and and we're starting another project in one of my other classes. *takes deep breath* Can it be summer vacation already?

Kpop fans are starting to annoy me

I was reading an article about KARA in Japan and some fan said that they're more popular than SNSD, Tohoshinki, and AKB48!! Ok. Ngl they might be more popular than SNSD and Tohoshinki and all your other faves but they will NEVER be more popular than AKB. That's just crazy. And I always see them insulting Japanese idols, calling AKB48 and Arashi ugly and stuff. Sorry that we're not as shallow as you? Looks aren't the only reason why I like these groups. Ughh. Being part of the kpop fandom used to be much more fun in the past. I mean, I still like some groups (like 2, lol) and I'm not gonna stop being a fan immediately but I know that I probably will grow out of this phase. I'm already reverting to anime and jpop soo..

My first post ❤

Hahaha. I'm not even sure about what to write here...I only made a LJ account a few weeks ago so I'm a newbie :p Anyways, uh, if anyone reads this here are some things you might want to knoww

1. I'm an Arashian
2. My ichiban is Nino..for now. You see, it constantly changes. First it was Matsujun (before I got into Arashi) and that lasted for a couple of years because I watched all his dramas and I wasn't interested in Arashi. When I finally became a fan, it was still him. After watching their variety shows, I started liking Nino a loot and watched Ryusei no Kizuna and yerr. I'm starting to fall for Ohno and Sho as well, aha.
3. I used to be a hardcore Kame and Yamapi fan. I still like Kame, Yamapi not so much anymore :c
4. I'm a Maotsujun shipper <3 And a Nino & Yoshitaka Yuriko (Kazuyuri?) shipper